What is the pink strip coming out of the cam models’ vagina?

On adult webcam chat websites, you may have seen female cam models moaning and wearing a pink strip that came out from their vagina.

This pink strip is part of an interactive sex toy named the Lovense Lush that can be remotely controlled by an adult chat site user. On some websites, when users tip a cam model, the sex toy head vibrates inside the pussy of the cam model and then she may look tense or she may moan. The more the guests send credits and the more she receives vibrations inside her vagina.

the lovense lush sex toy and how women wear it between their leg inside the vagina
the Lovense lush in action

We know two adult webcam chat websites where cam models use the Lovense Lush sex toy:



We do advise you to visit those two websites if you want to send credits to a cam model and see her reacting to the vibrations of the Lovense Lush inside her vagina.