Why you should try new camgirls

Few camgirls work for more than 1 year as a camgirl. Many camgirls stop after few weeks. However, it does not mean that those camgirls were bad. They weren’t lucky, or they tried to move to something else.

New camgirls have a special mindset. They are spontaneous. Also, they aren’t used to lie to users. They don’t play a character. So, you are more likely to get a girlfriend experience from a new camgirl than a senior camgirl. If you are looking for a spontaneous woman try a new camgirl.

Some experienced camgirls are players. They may lie and play a character. The senior camgirls know how to manipulate men. The senior camgirls may be more seductive. They may compliment a man more and call him “babe” for instance.

I have observed that the most manipulative camgirls have also more seniority than honest camgirls.

I saw a pattern. I found that manipulative women persist more in working as a camgirl than nice & respectful women. The nicest women tend to quickly stop working as a camgirl.