Best (and worst) internet connection tech. for camming

Webcam models often wonder which types of internet connections are the fastest for streaming on the internet. The upload bandwidth speed is the most important factor to consider.

Here is a list from the fastest to the slowest upload bandwidth speed for streaming:

Fiber Optic (FTTH) – 250-1000 Mbps upload on average in the USA (no-brainer choice)

Cable Internet – 10-500 Mbps (check the max upload bandwidth speed of the offer. 20 Mbps allows you to stream in HD and maybe on different platforms at the same time)

VDSL2 – Various (it can be slow)

VDSL – Various (it can be slow)

DSL2 – Max 5 Mbps (upload bandwidth speed is too low for streaming)

DSL – Max 5 Mbps (upload bandwidth speed is too low for streaming)

DSL and DSL2 aren’t fast enough for broadcasting yourself online. The upstream bandwidth of these two technologies is just too slow. This also means that buying an HD webcam is useless if you are connected to the internet via a DSL or DSL2 connection. VDSL is a big gamble. The upload bandwidth stream depends on the distance from your home to the local connection box. This bandwidth isn’t guaranteed as it is linked to physical constraints.

You will never be able to stream in HD via a DSL connection.

The two best and most reliable internet connection technologies for streaming are Fiber Optic and Cable Internet.

Your mobile phone is a better option for streaming than VDSL and DSL.